Digital Artwork

Above are some concepts I did during an internship with Thrust.

Above is a paint that took entirely too long, I learned a lot in the process though; but given the chance there are more than a few things I would do differently.

Above and to the left is the final in the set... I may work more on and with the concept.

Above is another trial of this method, I have to admit it's growing on me... 

This is the second, I asked a friend for a name and got something I'd rather not post... So I named him Bolseck instead.

First of a series of conceptual sketches, I'm testing a method I'd seen an artist use on the internets.

These are a few of the designs that I'm doing for a recent intern project.

I am in the process of redesigning the icons for my laptop!  Here's what I've got so far... (above)

A friend of mine, mentioned doing a collaborative manga themed comic, these were some of my character Photoshop doodley things...

Above to the left is Kheem a character that I designed for a comic, he was commandeered and simplified for an Intro to 3D Modelling assignment. On the right is another project from the later end of that same class, we were to model a bike from some screen shots.

(Right) Quick paint of a charmander.

This is another rendition of a Pokemon... it's a Gyarados, he was the -ish back in the days of Red and Blue...

Sketch pile numbuh two!  I have too much fun drawing animals, creatures, and things of that sort.

Above is a work in progress, I still want to push the detail in this one but here's a checkpoint so you may see where I'm iz...

Above this wall of text is was a character design that I quickly did for the comic club.

Above is a character design that I had some fun with, just trying some other methods.

To the right are some scans taken from my sketchbook, I may take some of these and render them more later. I apologize for the quality but I really did not want to remove them from the book...

The one above (left) is a comic in its entirety, it was my submission for "Sequential Fallout" the anthology of our comic club (these are ancient). Above to the right is a better look at the last page.
This is a sketch that I did not long after arriving here in Georgia, me and friends used to spend our afternoons drawing in the lounge, back in the crappy, ghetto, student housing.

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